A New Era of Stellar Astrophysics with Kepler

23-28 June 2013  -  Sydney, Australia


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  • Stellar Astrophysics Centre

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  • White Dwarf Research Corporation

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  • TALKS:
    Talks will be run from two laptops provided by the LOC. We will have one main laptop for presentations, which is running Windows. The software on this machine is:
    - Adobe suite (able to run presentation from a PDF file)
    - Power Point (2010 ed.)
    - MS Media Player

    We will also have a Macbook Air (but would encourage Mac users to prepare their presentations such that they can run on the above Windows system to minimise delays between presentations). The software on the MacAir is:
    - Adobe suite (able to run presentation from a PDF file)
    - Key Note (latest ed.)
    - Power Point (2010 ed.)
    - Quick Time

    Presentations should be uploaded to the conference presentation laptop NO LATER THAN during the break prior to the session prior to your session. So if you talk is in the, say, 3rd session of the day, you should make sure your presentation is uploaded and tested on the system during the break between the 1st and 2nd session that same day. If you are presenting in the 1st or 2nd session you should upload and test your presentation NO LATER THAN during the last break on the previous day.

    For presenters in the 1st and 2nd session on Monday morning, please test your presentation during registration/Welcome Reception Sunday evening.

    Poster boards will be 110cm wide and 180cm tall. The poster area on each board goes all the way to the floor.

    We will follow previous KASC conference's format and give presenters of posters a 1-min oral presentation of their poster as a way to advertise it and encourage people to come read their poster. Hence, on the Tuesday afternoon there is a special poster presentation session, where all 60sec oral poster presentations will take place (see the science program for details).

    For this purpose we ask each poster presenter to provide (either at registration on Sunday evening or NO LATER THAN ON THE MONDAY) a single Power Point slide (1 slide only and NO Key Note or PDF) that you will use to promote your poster. These presentations will be collated and run as a single Power Point presentation that automatically change to the next slide/poster every 60sec.