A New Era of Stellar Astrophysics with Kepler

23-28 June 2013  -  Sydney, Australia


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  • Sydney is a dynamic and exciting city with much to see and do. On Wednesday afternoon the conference excursion will showcase some of what makes Sydney such a great city.

    There is far too much to see in and around Sydney than we can possibly accommodate as part of the conference program. We therefore hope that you will take some time during your visit to truly explore Sydney and the surrounding area.

    To help with this we have put together a guide covering some of the best places to visit in Sydney.

    Events in June:
    Around the time of the conference there are three events that you might want to consider in your planing of you stay in Sydney
    - Vivid Sydney, 24 May - 10 June (the picture in the title of this page is from Vivid Sydney).
    - Sydney Film Festival, 5 - 16 June
    - Rugby: The British & Irish Lions Tour to Australia 2013, 5 June - 6 July. Ticket prices are at the bottom of this page. Games in Sydney are 15 June (against NSW Waratahs) and 6 July (against Qantas Wallabies)

    For more details on these and other events during your stay, have a look at SydneyFestivals.com.au. More general tourist information about Sydney is available for the city's tourism website.

    Local Transportation:
    Sydney has an extensive public transportation system of buses, trains, and ferries which can get you pretty much anywhere in the city that you would like to go. You can find information about the transit system here; the front page includes a handy trip builder which can give you the best transportation method, route, and schedule for your trip.

    Bus tickets can be bought from many local convenience stores, each bus stop always has at least one store selling tickets nearby, as well as at train and ferry stations; most buses are prepay during the day so make sure you purchase a pass before getting on the bus. Train and ferry tickets are available for purchase at the appropriate stations. There are a variety of ticket options available but the two best for conference participants are the TravelTen and MyWeekly.

    The TravelTen costs $16.80AUD and is good for 10 bus rides at any time. The MyWeekly costs $43 and is good for unlimited bus and ferry rides anywhere in Sydney and for unlimited train rides in the central area of Sydney (this area covers the major tourist attractions) and last for a week from the time that it is first used. TravelTen and MyWeekly tickets can both be bought at any local convenience store that sells bus tickets. Which ticket is best for you depends on your plans during the conference, if you are going to ride several trains and/or ferries then the MyWeekly is likely the best choice. More information on various ticket options can be found here

    Car Hire
    While it is easy to get around Sydney using the public buses, trains, and ferries, hiring a car is the best way to explore further from the city center, including the Blue Mountain, Royal National Park, and Kurin-gai National Park. There are many car rental agencies in Sydney that cover a wide range of prices. One good, and affordably priced option, is Bayswater Car Rental located in the King's Cross area.