A New Era of Stellar Astrophysics with Kepler

23-28 June 2013  -  Sydney, Australia


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  • KASC-6, the 6th Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium Conference, will take place in Sydney, Australia, in June 2013. It will be the first KASC conference after all Kepler data became public in 2012 — marking a new era in science with Kepler.

    We therefore welcome everyone to attend KASC-6, both members and non-members of KASC, who are interested in the stellar astrophysics that we can investigate with Kepler data. The main themes of the conference will be Stellar structure and evolution using asteroseismology, Stellar activity and rotation, Binary stars, and connections to Extrasolar planets.

    This conference offers great opportunities to establish new collaborations in these scientific fields, which are currently experiencing dramatic progress driven by the vast amounts of exquisite photometric data from space missions like Kepler.

    The conference will take place in downtown Sydney offering easy access to a wide variety of dining and accommodation options.

    For those looking to experience Sydney before, during, and after the conference, the city has a wide array of choices near the conference venue, from the lively Darling Harbour to Circular Quay and Sydney's iconic Opera House to world famous beaches such as Bondi and Manly. Wednesday afternoon during the conference will feature an excursion that will allow you to experience some of the natural beauty of Sydney. The excursion will include a ~4-5km walk, along well-prepared paved and gravel tracks (see pictures) on fairly flat terrain. We recommend comfortable walking shoes but there is no need to bring your hiking boots for the excursion.

    "Sydney has it all, the mountains, the sea, the sun, for free" (Lonely Planet).

    General Inquiries:
    For general inquiries about KASC6, please email kasc6-at-physics.usyd.edu.au

    Dennis Stello (chair), Charles Kuehn (webmaster), Tim Bedding, Othman Benomar, Tim White, Simon O'Toole

    Bill Chaplin (chair, University of Birmingham), Dennis Stello (co-chair, University of Sydney), Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard (Aarhus University), Ron Gilliland (STScI), Hans Kjeldsen (Aarhus University), Travis Metcalfe (Space Science Institute), Mario Monteiro (CAUP), Thierry Appourchaux (IAS Orsay), Steven Kawaler (Iowa State University), Conny Aerts (KU Leuven), Tim R. Bedding (University of Sydney), Don W. Kurtz (University of Central Lancashire), Sarbani Basu (Yale University), Katrien Uytterhoeven (IAC), Peter De Cat (Royal Observatory of Belgium), Joris De Ridder (KU Leuven), Katrien Kolenberg (Harvard), Robert Szabo (Konkoly Observatory), Laszlo Kiss (Konkoly Observatory)